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Portable Bright Light Therapy Device  –  How to Get Over Jet Lag

The HumanCharger or aka Valkee, which you can buy online, is a head set with light therapy that is designed to accomplish a number of things, not the least of which is to overcome jet lag. The idea behind this therapy is that when we travel by plane between different time zones, we lose out on exposure to light. The Human Charger attempts to make up the difference by helping to maintain the natural rhythm of our body clock (circadian rhythms). The way it is implemented is that after inputting your starting location and destination, a smart phone app will send you notifications for when to do a charging session, which takes 12 minutes to do. These sessions can easily be done at the airport, on the plane, in a hotel room, and so on.

The head set looks like regular ear buds, but instead of emitting sound, they emit light. The light that is emitted is UV-free, blue-enriched white light. Users find that it has a “clearing” effect that helps to minimize the foggy feeling that often accompanies travel across time zones.

The unit itself is sleek, light and durable, and therefore great for travel. The lighted countdown timer is definitely a great feature. It is rechargeable, and a minimum of twelve sessions can be accomplished per charge. The HumanCharger comes with a USB charging cable, and there are four different sizes of ear bud fittings, so you can be sure you will be able to attain a comfortable fit.

Light therapy has been used for a number of years to treat mood disorders and Winter Blues, a condition in which depressive moods are experienced at particular times of year in which there is less light exposure. (The HumanCharger was invented in Finland, which like Alaska has long periods with limited natural light.) The HumanCharger can be used to boost mood in these scenarios (but of course, always consult with your personal physician before attempting to treat any type of health condition).

For general use as a mood enhancer or energy booster, a single session of 12 minutes per day is all that is needed as the recommended level of use.


Is there any science behind the HumanCharger? One relevant study, entitled “Transcranial Bright Light and Symptoms of Jet Lag: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial,” found that transcranial bright light transmitted through the ear canals produced “a significant reduction of overall jet lag symptoms (VAS), subjective sleepiness (KSS), and the fatigue, inertia, and forgetfulness…” That study is referenced here.

As opposed to other forms of light therapy, the compactness and mobility of the HumanCharger makes it much easier to use in daily life.

We recommend the HumanCharger as a tool to combat the effects of jet lag or Winter Blues, and as a general tool to enhance mood and boost energy. To find out more information about the HumanCharger and to check out its pricing, go here.

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